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Course Overview

Participants who successfully complete this program will be awarded the national qualification 'Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management) (BSB41004)'.

Frontline Management is best defined as the first level of management, that is, the level of management that oversees or manages the actual doing of the work. People in Frontline Management positions co-ordinate the work of other employees and frequently report to middle management, and in some cases directly to senior management. They are typically involved in organisations as coordinators, team leaders, supervisors, forepersons and project or office managers.

On a daily basis, Frontline Managers play a crucial role in co-ordinating and influencing a group of employees. Decisions made by Frontline Managers have a direct impact on productivity and workplace relations, and can have serious ramifications in terms of profitability, relationships with clients and workplace morale.

The Frontline Management training program is directed at those individuals in or moving into first line management roles. The program is a competency-based program and blends on-line learning with an emphasis on the practical application of key concepts in the work setting.



Delivery method



The Frontline Management program will provide you with a breadth of tools and skills which will assist in your ability to lead and manage work teams in line with broader organisational objectives. At the completion of the program, you should be able to:

  • Understand business objectives and use these to develop personal and workgroup plans
  • Identify and analyse your own work performance, with feedback from others in your organisation
  • Act as a leader and role model, and incorporate performance plans
  • Communicate in an effective manner, giving consideration to broader business issues and cultural and social diversity
  • Implement and manage operational plans
  • Implement and monitor a safe workplace
  • Manage and develop teams
  • Implement and manage customer service strategies
  • Undertake and maintain a culture of continuous improvement


It is expected that you should take around 2-4 weeks to complete each unit of competence. This will involve completing both the online training module and the associated formal assessment component.


As part of the formal assessment process, you will be required to produce workplace based evidence, gathered over a period of time, to demonstrate consistent application of the skills you have learnt in a workplace environment. Please ensure your current situation will enable you to produce the required evidence before enrolling.

To view examples of evidence that may be required, please click the following link - Examples of Evidence


This program is aligned with the national competency BSB41004 Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management), a nationally recognised qualification. To be deemed competent, you will be required to complete both the online course component, and a separate online formal assessment component for each unit. The formal assessment requires you to complete a set of tasks or produce a 'portfolio of evidence' which shows how you can effectively apply the skills you learn in a workplace setting. These will then be sent to an authorised assessor for assessment. Once you are deemed competent, you will be issued with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.


Note:  Weight is the percentage that each component contributes toward the final result.




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