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  • Classroom
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Course Outline:

5 Star Coaching

Learning Method:

Instructor Led


3 Days


The ‘human capital’ of your organisation is one of its greatest assets. No matter how good your product is, the human component can be the ‘make or break’ of a business. The transfer of knowledge and skill within organisations is a crucial part of this process and has implications on productivity, customer satisfaction and staff retention to name but a few.

Whether you are a long time or recently appointed people manager, getting the best from your direct reports by raising the impact of your coaching efforts is a vital element of ensuring a motivated and ever improving workforce.

5 Star Coaching introduces the fundamentals that will allow your leaders to take the organisation to another level.

5 Star Coaching© provides a mechanism for participants to understand their coaching deficits and the techniques and skills practiceto bridge the gap. 5 Star Coaching© will help take your organisation to a new level, through providing analysis, skills and structure in 6 component areas:

Strategy – what structure is necessary to bring out the best

Skills – what skills are necessary to be a great coach

Solution – how the skills are applied. 4 key and common scenarios will be learnt and applied

360° Feedback – where participants get anonymous feedback from 5 direct-reports on the above areas and their overall effectiveness as a coach

Action-Planning – creating a plan based on the ‘360’ and the program content, for the coach to become more effective

Re-Test – it is highly recommended but optional, to do a second 360° Feedback after 90-100 days. This will help quantify the growth in coaches but also be a motivational tool to have them adopt the skills learnt in the program.

Strategy means following a structured process

Structure makes a difference in the effectiveness of the process.

Knowing where the candidate is and having a structure to help them grow is crucial for the candidate. It also makes it easier to manage both the knowledge/skills transfer and how the candidate is applying it in the workplace.

Skill means mastering the people element

The ability to communicate, relate, goal set, motivate and feedback all involve an understanding of people, their differences and how to get the best out of them. The skill is to be able to actually do that effectively.

Solution means being the answer

A solution is the answer to solving a challenge. The challenge is how to get staff to operate at a consistently high level. The answer lies in the coach’s ability to transfer skills and knowledge and get the coachee engaged in the process. The answer is the coach! A solution is also a combination of two or more substances becoming a different one. In this case an effective coach must be a catalyst to create positive, progressive changes in the coachee.

Target Audience:

5 Star Coaching© is aimed at anyone who is in a position that needs to bring out full potential and high performance in staff or those in value-added provider relationships. It is particularly useful and relevant for Middle Management, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Product Trainers.



Workshop Objectives

At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to do the following:

Understand the Elements of Effective Coaching

Gain Feedback on their own Coaching Effectiveness from actual coachees

Gain comparative awareness of their selfassessment to that of their coachees and other coaches in the data-base

Analyse where they need to improve

Communicate more effectively with coachees through Active Listening, better Questioning Techniques, Reflecting and Empathising

Build and Maintain Relationships that support the growth of coachees through Building Rapport, Developing and Maintaining Trust and Fostering Mutual Respect

• Use Goal-setting technology effectively by understanding the Attributes of an Effective Goal and the impact of Efficacy

Give Effective Feedback to enhance coachee growth

• Know when to Develop people and when and how to Discipline

• Create a climate of Participation, Openness and Discovery (POD), via coaching frequency and Follow-up/tracking

• Adhere to the C.O.A.C.H. Coaching Process:

C – Contextualise the situation

O – Objective Setting

A – Analyse the VISION/REALITY gap

C – Considerations and Choices

Howww? – Who will do What by When

Apply processes in order for coaches t

• Problem solve

• Address poor performance/behaviour

• Announce change

• Delegate

• Create their own Action Plan


Workshop Materials

All participants will receive:

  • • A Ring-bound 100-page Manual
  • • A 5 Star Coaching© Profiling System
  • • Printed 360° Feedback on 7 Coaching Areas
  • • Process Application Reference Card ? Action Plan



Lunch is provided for students for the duration of the course


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