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Delivery Method

  • Classroom
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Course Overview

This course gets you well along the path to understanding this package. It takes most of the pain out of the preparation of GST returns.


2 Days


  • Overview of MYOB
  • The MYOB Screen
  • Navigating and Working with The Command Centre
  • Company Viability
  • Using the Help
  • Creating a New Company File
  • Activating Your Company File
  • Chart of Accounts
    • Modifying Existing Accounts
    • Header and Detail Accounts
    • Deleting Unnecessary Accounts
    • Setup of Linked Accounts
    • Checking Tax Codes
    • Preparing for E-Banking
  • Opening Balances
    • Entering Opening Balances
    • Checking Your Balance Sheet
    • Checking Your Profit and Loss
  • Historical Balances 
    • Changing Update Preferences
    • Entering Customer Balances 
    • Entering Supplier Balances 
  • Cards
    • Entering Customer Details
    • Entering Supplier Details
    • Changing Credit Terms
    • Choosing a Form Layout
  • Setting Up Inventory
    • Entering Inventory Items
    • Dealing with Complex Items
    • Counting Stock and Adjusting Inventory
  • Purchasing
    • Entering Bills from Suppliers
    • Raising a Purchase Order
    • Printing Purchase Orders
    • Receiving Items on Order
  • Paying for Purchases
    • Determining the State of Your Payments
    • Finding Due Dates
    • Locating a Specific Order or Bill
    • Making Payments
  • Selling
    • Creating an Invoice Item
    • Checking the Sales Journal
    • Dealing with Complicated Invoices
    • Printing Invoices
    • Reprinting Invoices
    • Entering Cash Sales
  • Invoicing Techniques
    • Placing Items on Backorder
    • Creating a Service Invoice
    • Viewing Your Invoice
    • Raising a Credit Note
    • Settling the Credit
    • Receivables 
    • Applying Payments (also to Multiple Invoices
Preparing a Bank Deposit Slip
                        Printing an Invoice Statement
                        Printing an Activity Statement
                        Analysing Sales Performance
                        Day-To-Day Inventory
                        Creating an Auto-Build Item
                        Checking Inventory Status
                        Auto-Building Inventory
                        Fulfilling Backorders
                        Writing Cheques
                        Recurring Cheques
                        Using a Recurring Cheque
Printing Cheques
Receiving Money
                        Producing a Reconciliation Report
                        Accounting for Government Fees
                        Bank Statements and the GST
                        Performing a Reconciliation
                        Generating Reports
                        Customising Reports
                        Changing Orientation
Profit and Loss Reports
Reporting in MS Excel
                        GST Overview
                        Tax Inclusive Transactions
                        Examining Tax Codes
Withholding GST
Examining GST Accounts & Running GST Reports
                        Understanding the BAS
                        Preparing to Use BASlink
                        Creating Additional GST Accounts
                        Running Pre-BAS Reports
Setting up BASlink
Entering Values Directly
Calculating Your Income Tax and Obligations
Creating the BAS Transaction
Making the Tax Payment 



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