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Course Overview

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in introductory Information Communications Technology (ICT) ‘technical’ functions, and is designed to support information activities in the workplace and to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency as an advanced ICT ‘user’.  The qualification will give employers a degree of confidence in an individual’s usefulness in the workplace as it has a strong suite of 6 common core ICT units, building on the prerequisite knowledge and skills from the 8 Certificate II in IT core units. It is possible to achieve this qualification during the final years of secondary school education, subject to the demonstration of competency to a standard expected in the workplace.

Support Stream

Provides skills in basic use of a range of technologies to provide first level diagnostic support to people using ICT.  This stream may provide for natural progression into several Certificate IV in IT qualifications including Support, General or Websites.


Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Townsville and other regional areas throughout Queensland.


This course is structured through competency based training and assessment. Course duration is based on individual training requirements. 12 months for a full-time traineeship is an indication.


A range of pre-requisite units that contain the basic fundamentals of ICT knowledge and skills are required for entry into this course.

Career Opportunities

This qualification provides graduates to work in basic personal computer (PC) support, basic network/system administration or in first level help desk roles. Additionally, using a selection of retail or sales units from other Training Packages, students could work in ICT retailing or vendor product support. Small to medium enterprises will find the  outcomes of this qualification useful at advanced ICT user or introductory technical support levels.

  • Call Centre Support Representative
  • Customer Service Representative
  • ICT Operations Support
  • PC Support
  • Support Technician
  • Client Support Officer
  • Help Desk Officer
  • ICT User Support
  • PC Support Specialist
  • Technical Support
  • Computer Operator
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Sales Support Technician
  • User Support Specialist

Certificate Requirements

The award of Certificate III in Information Technology (Support) will be given to students who successfully complete the prescribed units.

Additional Courses

Further training may be sought in units listed in the Information Communications Technology Training Package. Please contact a Axiom College Training Solutions Provider for additional information.


The qualification provides for a number of electives at Certificate IV in IT level thus offering a degree of stretch in learning plus potential pathways into higher level qualifications. The Certificate III in Information Technology (Support) provides pathways into higher level qualifications such as the Certificate IV in Information
Technology. Specialist areas of Certificate IV in Information Technology include:

  • Support help desk or database administration
  • General - software, networking, client support, hardware/operating systems, communications/documentation, analysis/management, multimedia
  • Websites design or administration


Axiom college has a rolling intake.  Continous enrolments allow students to commence training at any time.


This course may be delivered through a combination of online, class, workplace, self-paced and distance learning.

Course Outline

To attain the ICA30105 Certificate III in Information Technology (Support) 15 units must be achieved:  six (6) common core units; five (5) specialist core stream units; and four (4) elective units.

Prerequisite Requirements

The following units are prerequisites for this qualification as they contain the basic fundamentals of ICT knowledge  and skills for all qualification at Certificate III in IT and above.

Competency Code Title
BSBCMN106A Follow Workplace Safety Procedures
ICAD2012A Design Organisational Documents Using Computing Packages
ICAU1128A Operate a Personal Computer
ICAU2005A Operate Computer Hardware
ICAU2006A Operate Computing Packages
ICAU2013A Integrate Commercial Computing Packages
ICAU2231A Use Computer Operating System
ICAW2001A Work Effectively in an IT Environment
ICAW2002A Communicate in the Workplace


Students must complete all core units (C) and a minimum of 4 elective units (E)

Course Name Duration (2 days) Competency Code Content C/E Exp Hrs
Install System Software 1 ICAI3020A* Install and optimise operating system software C 20
    ICAT3025A* Run standard diagnostic tests C 20
Migrate to New Technology 1 ICAU3019A Migrate to new technology C 20
Apply OH&S Procedures 1 ICAU3004A Apply occupational health and safety procedures C 20
Maintain Equipment 1 ICAS3115A Maintain equipment and software in working order C 20
    ICAS3234A Care fotr computer hardware C 20
Customer Service 1 ICTCC330A Manage customer relationships C 25
User Documentation 1 ICAD3218A Create user documentation C 20
Client Technical Support 1 ICAS3031A Provide advice to clients C 40
Network Hardware 1 ICAI3021A Connect internal hardware components C 20
    ICAI4029A Install network hardware to a network E 40
System Administration 1 ICAS3024A* Provide basic system administration C 20
    ICAS4127A Support system software (prerequisite unit: ICAI3020A) E 50
Network Peripherals & Trouble Shooting 1 ICAS3121A Administer network peripherals E 20
    ICAS3034A Determine and action network problems (prerequisite units:  ICAS3024A and ICAT3025A) E 30
Software Installation 1 ICAI4030A Install software to networked computers E 40
Create Technical  Documentation 1 ICAD4217A Create technical documentation E 20
Automate Processes 1 ICAB4225A Automate processes E 40



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