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Delivery Method

  • Blended
  • Price: $768.00

Course Overview

A traineeship to start a successful career managing business-to-business sales and customer service

The new entrant traineeship leading to the Certificate III in Wholesale Operations covers all of the essential skills to manage business-to-business sales and customer service effectively.

The Certificate III in Wholesale Operations enables you to seize business opportunities, improve profitability, lower costs, build sales of your products, improve customer and territory coverage, equipping you for a successful career in managing business to business sales and customer service.

Benefits for your company

  • Improved sales results
  • Additional off-location displays achieved
  • Territories rerouted to improve service and reduce travel
  • Lost accounts regained
  • Sales plan to increases revenue prepared and executed
  • Sales targets achieved

Benefits for staff

  • Trade level qualification, nationally recognised
  • Flexible, work-based learning fits into work and life
  • Participation regardless of location, education or status

The program

Competence demonstrated through questioning, through photographs, of actual work performance, verification from managers and submitting a portfolio of evidence to the Assessment Panel

Assessment panels

Competence for each candidate is decided by an Assessment Panel comprising Performance Frameworks, your senior sales managers and your senior Human Resources staff. Three assessment panel meetings included in the standard program.

Also Available As An Existing Employee Traineeship

The Certificate III in Wholesale Operations is available as a traineeship for eligible employees (WRW30101).

A traineeship is a structured learning partnership between you, your employer, Performance Frameworks as your training organisation, and your local New Apprenticeship Centre.  Traineeships are not just for young people: existing employees may also be eligible.

Significant incentives may be available to your employer to help fund this innovative learning program.

Delivery method

Blended Delivery.

You will achieve the learning outcomes and demonstrate competence through real work performance.  You will need to have access to a workplace and/or a retail or business-to-business customer service environment.


NSW, delivered at your company premises and/or public venues to be advised during our customisation processes.


24 months


The 11 core units:

  • Access product and service data
  • Sell products and services
  • Use computers as part of business
  • Confirm wholesale business practices
  • Comply with legislative requirements
  • Communicate in the workplace
  • Perform routine housekeeping
  • Apply safe working practices
  • Work effectively in a retail environment
  • Build sales relationships
  • Maintain business-to-business relationships

Select 7 elective units:

  • Administer supply into a business
  • Monitor inventory capacity to meet demand
  • Process product and service data
  • Implement advertising and promotional activities
  • Optimise customer and territory coverage
  • Analyse and achieve sales targets
  • Build sales of branded products
  • Manage debtor processes
  • Coordinate merchandise presentation
  • Coordinate sales performance
  • Coordinate interaction with customers
  • Process sales of complex product/service where customer is unsure of available options
  • Process sales which commit both customer and enterprise to considerable financial commitment
  • Coordinate work teams
  • Maintain employee relations

What Is A New Entrant Traineeship?

A new entrant traineeship is a structured learning partnership between you, your employer, Performance Frameworks as your training organisation, and your local new apprenticeship Centre.  Traineeships are not just for young people: recent entrants to the wholesale industry may also be eligible.

Am I Eligible For A New Entrant Traineeship?

You may be eligible for a new entrant traineeship if you are commenced employment within three months at your current employer, living and working in NSW and an Australian citizen or permanent resident.  You are a permanent employee, or if part-time, guaranteed above 21 hours per week, and holding no qualifications above year 12.  If you have received a trade qualification more than seven years ago, you may also be eligible.

Please contact Performance Frameworks or your local New Apprenticeship Centre to help determine your eligibility for traineeships.

Benefits Of The New Entrant Traineeship

  • A structured traineeship with six workplace support visits and workshops, and six assessment visits over 24 months.
  • A complete learning kit for only $370 annually ($740 in total).
  • Significant incentives, up to $4,000 may be available for your employer.

Note: always confirm eligibility for traineeships with Performance Frameworks or your local New Apprenticeship Centre.


Recommended for new entrants seeking to build management skills in a business to business sales and service role:

  • Sales Representatives
  • Sales Managers
  • Area Managers
  • Field Managers
  • Sales Coordinators
  • Customer Service Officers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Territory Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Sales Analysts

A Flexible Work-Based Traineeship

Delivered over 2years, you learn on the job and demonstrate competence through practical projects, solving real work problems, improving performance and implementing strategies to build new business, increase revenue and improve profitability.

A Customised Program Designed Especially For You

You are unique-no individual, company, or business environment is the same-so why settle for an off-the-shelf program?

Every Performance Frameworks program is custom designed to meet your learning needs, the challenges of your business environment and to seamlessly fit into your work and life.

Further Opportunities

Upon successful completion of this traineeship you can progress to the Certificate IV in Wholesale Management and be granted credit for fourteen units towards the twenty-six required.

Recognition Of Prior Learning And Credit Transfer

Everybody comes into Performance Frameworks programs with skills, prior knowledge and previous learning.  We recognize any skills you currently have to fast track you through the program.


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