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About this course

Since the early 1980s, AutoCAD has pretty-much defined the use of computers in drafting, architecture, landscaping and interior design. While there are strong competitors around today, the program has stood the test of time and still remains the most comprehensive of the currently available options on the market.
In this essentials course, we take you from simple shape drawing, through to sophisticated understanding of the 2D co-ordinate system and introduce a wide range of concepts that must be understood before proceeding to further learning. AutoCAD is a large program and there is much to cover but this course focuses on those parts of the application which appear in the LT version, omitting higher level functions such as 3D modelling which we cover adequately in our masterclasses.

What you will learn

The course starts with a comprehensive introduction to AutoCAD's complex workspace before introducing the basics of object drawing and manipulation and the use of AutoCAD's extensive tool kit and drawing tools.
We'll then look at the concept of the Cartesian plane and the placing, modifying and locating of objects within that space, while understanding how this relates to the physical manifestation of objects off the plan and in the building site or design space.
The course will also cover the co-ordinate system, advanced selection of objects, dimensioning and the use of images in planning and modelling before completing the workflow out to printer, plotter or PDF.
The course finishes up by looking at various working examples and any specific projects that the tutor may be involved in or have access to.




2 days


9am - 4pm


Max 8 students

Assumed knowledge

Ideal for beginner


  • Introducing AutoCAD

    • About AutoCAD
    • Main Features
    • The AutoCAD Interface
    • Coordinate display
    • The Status Bar

    The Command System

    • Four Command Methods
    • The Command Window
    • Some Common Commands
    • Pull Down Menus
    • Tool Bars
    • The Text Screen

    Selecting Objects

    • Individual Object Selection
    • Window Object Selection
    • Crossing Object Selection
    • Polygon Selection Mode

    Navigating the Document

    • Zooming
    • Panning

    Drawing Lines

    • Drawing Freehand
    • Drawing Lines
    • Drawing Construction Lines
    • Drawing Polylines
    • Drawing Polygons
    • Drawing Rectangles

    Drawing Curves

    • Drawing Arcs
    • Drawing Circles
    • Drawing Revision Clouds
    • Drawing Splines
    • Drawing Ellipses
    • Drawing Ellipse Arcs

    Object Snap

    • OSNAP for Precision
    • Running OSNAP
    • Override OSNAP

    Accuracy and Precision

    • The Coordinate System
    • Setting your Units
    • Absolute Coordinates
    • Relative Coordinates
    • Polar Relative
    • Direct Distance Entry
    • Orthogonal Mode
    • Calculator

    Modifying Objects

    • The Modify Toolbar
    • Erasing
    • Copying Elements
    • Using the Mirror Command
    • The Offset Command
    • The Array Command
    • Rectangular and Polar Array
    • Moving Objects
    • Rotating Objects
    • Scaling
    • The Stretch Tool
    • Changing Line Lengths
    • Trimming Lines
    • Extending Lines
    • The Break command
    • Break at Point
    • Joining objects
    • The Chamfer command
    • Fillet trimming

    Working with Layers

    • Creating Layers
    • Colour Types
    • Loading Linetypes
    • Changing Layers
    • Creating a Layer Template

    Snap and Grid

    • Snapping to a point
    • Displaying a Grid
    • Isometric Drawings


    • Adding Text
    • Text Styles
    • Working with Hatching
    • Automatic Boundary Hatching
    • Dimensioning the Drawing

    Schematic Illustrations

    • Using the Polyline Tool

    Working with Blocks

    • Working with Repeated Elements
    • Inserting a Block
    • The Explode command
    • External References

    User Coordinate System

    • WCS
    • UCS
    • Rotating your View


    • Drawing Layouts
    • Model Space
    • Paper Space
    • Creating Viewports
    • Plotting the Drawing

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    Course Materials

    We typically supply detailed course notes or a reference text or in some cases both. Either way, we try to provide sufficient supporting material so that you can return to your work place with sufficient confidence to permit further learning.


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