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  • Classroom

Course Overview

Certificate IV in Retail Management has been designed to develop the first line management skills of those working in the retail industry. It applies to those who are managing a small retail outlet, or a section or department within a larger retail store. 

Government Funding

The government understands the nation’s competitive advantage is based on human capital,  so a portion of Government revenue is given back in employer training incentives. This covers up to 100% of training undertaken by your team.

As an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) we are able to offer you the availability of having your employees trained and competent to a Government Certification Accreditation.

There is Government funding of up to $4,000 per person currently available to the employer for eligible participants enrolling in one of our nationally accredited programs.

The Government funding is all organised by us in conjunction with the New Apprenticeship Centre (NAC) in accordance with State Training Authority Guidelines. 

Delivery Method

Distance Learning


All States and Territories of Australia


The Certificate IV in Retail Management requires 12 units for the qualification (6 core units and 6 elective units).  

6 core units are: 

WRR02B - Manage Sales and Services Delivery

  • Monitor and manage, maintain and improve operations
  • Negotiate supply of goods
  • Establish customer requirements
  • Provide a productive environment 

WRRPM1B - Administer Human Resources Policy

  • Implement staffing level policies and procedures
  • Monitor and appraise staff performance in line with store policy
  • Implement policies and procedures and counsel team members according to store policy
  • Apply strategies to identify and minimise industrial relations problems
  • Develop and implement training plans to meet instore needs 

WRRPL1B - Manage Financial Resources

  • Control costs
  • Control budget
  • Propose expenditure
  • Maintain store accouting systems
  • Prepare store sales budgets
  • Negotiate budgets

WRRPM3B - Lead and Manage People

  • Lead team members by example
  • Develop and communicate team objectives
  • Develop and improve work teams to maintain performance
  • Employ self development strategies to monitor and improve performance
  • Delegate responsibility and authority for nominated tasks to team members
  • Consult with team members to reach decisions
  • Support team members to achieve store plans and targets 

WRR01B - Manage Merchandise and Store Presentation

  • Manage store merchandising
  • Plan and manage business store advertising and promotions
  • Manage store pricing policies
  • Plan and manage housekeeping 

WRR03B - Provide a Safe Working Environment

  • Develop policies to establish and maintain a safe working environment
  • Facilitate staff consultation and information processes
  • Develop risk identification and assessment procedures
  • Develop risk control measures
  • Develop procedures for specified events
  • Organise OHS training
  • Evaluate OHS policies and procedures 

6 elective units are: 

WRR09A - Lead a Work Team to Foster Innovation

  • Organise teams to maximise innovation
  • Organise work assignments within team to facilitate innovative work practicws
  • Provide guidance anc coaching to team members on innovation in the workplace
  • Provide a model of innovative work practice
  • Monitor the team's ongoing use of innovative work practices
  • Provide feedback on the use of innovative work skills 

WRR010A - Create an Innovative Work Environment

  • Implement work practices and proceduresto support innovation
  • Implement management practices to support innovation
  • Promote innovation in the workplace
  • Create a physical environment which supports innovation
  • Provide information and learning opportunities to foster innovation

WRR011A - Set Up Systems to Support Innovation

  • Conduct research into organisation systems
  • Generate innovative system options
  • Develop plan for the innovative system
  • Trial the innovative work system
  • Review the trial of the innovative system 

WRR014A - Manage Retail Brands Online

  • Manage retail brands online
  • Enhance online brand value 

BSBFLM406A - Implement Workplace Information System

  • Identify and source information needs.
  • Collect, analyse and report information.
  • Implement information systems.
  • Prepare business plan/budgets.
  • Prepare resource proposals. 

BSBFLM409A - Implement Continuous Improvement

  • Develop strategies to ensure that personnel are actively encouraged and supported to participate in decision-making processes, and to assume responsibility and exercise initiative in the continuous improvement of the organisation
  • Establish systems to ensure that the organisation's continuous improvement processes are communicated to all stakeholders
  • Develop effective mentoring and coaching processes to ensure that individuals and teams are able to implement and support the organisation's continuous improvement processes 

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