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Course Overview

The Food Safety Kit is a complete training package for understanding the food safety concerns and risks involved with the manufacture and processing of food.

All food business's, are required by law to be operating with compliance to the food safety program (HACCP).

HACCP can be complicated if misunderstood, which makes it even more important to present a training program that is easy to follow, providing a step-by-step approach, examining all the risks that can occur throughout the process. 

Hence, hazard analysis of critical control points (HACCP). 

"Understanding" is the object of this training program.

Consider: It is the production worker who is handling your product at the critical danger points of your processes.

HACCP is all about the 'product' and the 'processes' the product goes through, from the farm to the plate.  It is well documented, that human error is the leading cause of food contamination. 

Ultimately, by 'understanding' the Food Safety Program (HACCP), it will assist you to protect your product, your reputation, guard you from litigation, and as a result, protect your consumer.

Delivery Method

Correspondence or Customised for your industry type for in-house training purposes

What does the Food Safety Kit cover?

To arrive at an understanding of how the Food Safety Program (HACCP) can protect your food product, the training program has been divided into five (5) manuals, which are complete with colourful descriptive pictures and designed for easy reading to ensure everyone (from senior management to production worker) understands what they need to know.

  • Training Manual 1 - Introduction to Food Contamination
  • Training Manual 2 - Personal Hygiene & Cleanliness
  • Training Manual 3 - Food Product Hygiene & Cleanliness
  • Training Manual 4 - Cleaning & Sanitation
  • Training Manual 5 - The Food Safety Program (HACCP)

Click the following link for the details of individual manuals.

Index of Training Manuals

Click the following link for the complete index of training manuals.

All Training Manuals come complete with Assessment Tasks.


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