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  • Classroom
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Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to creating and editing vector artwork such as logos, illustrations and graphic artwork.




2 days (9am - 4.30pm)


  • Public Schedule - Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney
  • Group Bookings - All States and Territories across Australia


Previous experience using applications on a PC or Macintosh is an essential prerequisite for this course. Experience in using a graphics application in the Windows/Macintosh environment is helpful.

Course Topics

Topic 1 Illustrator’s Interface

  • Topic Objectives
  • The Welcome Screen
  • Creating a new Illustrator document
  • Illustrator’s work area
  • The Tools panel
  • Working with panels
  • Customizing your workspace
  • The Control panel
  • The context menu
  • Zooming in and out
  • Preview and Outline Views
  • Illustrator’s preferences
  • Undo, Redo and Revert commands
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 2 Artwork Essentials

  • Topic Objectives
  • Vector images
  • Bitmap images
  • Creating new documents
  • Opening a file
  • Templates
  • Using Adobe Bridge
  • The Illustrator artboard
  • Working with rulers
  • Changing the measurement units
  • Working with the Grid
  • Working with guides
  • Snapping objects to anchor points and guides
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 3 Drawing Vector Art

  • Topic Objectives
  • About vector paths
  • Drawing lines with the Line Segment tool
  • Drawing rectangles
  • Drawing ellipses
  • Drawing polygons
  • Drawing stars
  • Drawing straight lines with the Pen tool
  • Tips for drawing curves with the Pen tool
  • Drawing curves with the Pen tool
  • Changing the curve direction
  • Adjusting the shape of a curve
  • Adding or deleting anchor points
  • Converting between smooth and corner points
  • Finding and deleting stray anchor points
  • Smoothing paths
  • Erasing artwork
  • Simplifying paths
  • Aligning the position of anchor points
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 4 Selecting and arranging objects

  • Topic Objectives
  • Selecting objects
  • Selecting with the Selection tool
  • Selecting objects and groups within groups with the Selection tool
  • Selecting one object within a group
  • Using the Group Selection tool
  • Selecting with the Magic Wand tool
  • Customising the Magic Wand tool
  • Selecting the next object in the stacking order
  • Selecting all objects by characteristics
  • Saving a selection
  • Loading and deleting a selection
  • Moving and duplicating objects
  • Moving or duplicating objects by pasting
  • Moving an object by dragging
  • Duplicating objects by dragging
  • Moving an object by using the arrow keys
  • Moving using the Move command
  • Moving objects using x and y coordinates
  • Moving multiple objects with the Transform Each command
  • The Align panel
  • Distributing objects by specific amounts
  • Locking selected objects
  • Hiding selected objects
  • The stacking order
  • Grouping objects
  • Isolating groups and sublayers
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 5 Transforming objects

  • Topic Objectives
  • Transforming objects
  • Using the Transform panel to transform
  • Using the bounding box to transform
  • Scaling objects
  • Rotating objects
  • Reflecting objects
  • Shearing objects
  • Distorting objects with the Free Transform tool
  • Warp Effects
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 6 Colour

  • Topic Objectives
  • The Colour Picker
  • Selecting colours with the Colour Picker
  • The Colour panel
  • Selecting colours in the Colour panel
  • About swatches
  • The Swatches panel
  • Creating process colour swatches
  • Creating spot colour swatches
  • Adjusting swatches
  • Using Pantone colours
  • Changing the tint of a colour
  • Managing Swatches
  • Fills and strokes
  • Making out-of-gamut colours printable
  • Changing a colour to a web-safe colour
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 7 Clipping Masks, Transparency and Gradients

  • Topic Objectives
  • Clipping masks
  • Creating a clipping mask for objects
  • Creating a clipping mask for a group or layer
  • Editing a clipping mask
  • Adding or removing objects from a clipping mask
  • Releasing objects from a clipping mask
  • Transparency
  • Using the Transparency panel
  • Illustrator’s blending modes
  • Gradients
  • The Gradient tool
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 8 Type

  • Topic Objectives
  • Adding type in Illustrator
  • Creating point type
  • Creating area type
  • Creating text along a path
  • Resizing a text area object
  • Moving or flipping text on a path
  • Path type effects
  • Vertical alignment of type on a path
  • Character spacing around sharp turns
  • Importing text into Illustrator
  • The Character panel
  • Leading
  • Adjusting the baseline
  • Kerning and tracking
  • The Paragraph panel
  • Aligning text
  • Justifying text
  • Indenting text
  • Adjusting paragraph spacing
  • The Glyphs panel
  • Converting text into graphic objects
  • Updating legacy text
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 9 Layers

  • Topic Objectives
  • Using layers
  • The Layers panel
  • Changing the display of the Layers panel
  • Creating a new layer
  • Layer options
  • Moving objects to a different layer
  • Changing the stacking order of Layers
  • Merging and flattening layers
  • Locating an item in the Layers panel
  • Locking and unlocking objects
  • Hiding and showing objects
  • Pasting objects between layers
  • Duplicating objects using the Layers panel
  • Using Template Layers to redraw artwork
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 10 Importing Files

  • Topic Objectives
  • Placing files
  • Linking or embedding artwork
  • Using the Links panel
  • Embedding/Unembedding artwork
  • Viewing information about linked files
  • Updating modified links
  • Editing the original of a linked file
  • Relinking missing links
  • Setting placement options for linked artwork
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 11 Saving and Exporting from Illustrator

  • Topic Objectives
  • Saving and exporting artwork
  • Saving in Illustrator format (AI)
  • Illustrator format (AI) options
  • Saving in EPS format
  • EPS format options
  • About Adobe PDF format
  • Saving in Adobe PDF format
  • Creating a layered Adobe PDF file
  • Creating a multiple-page Adobe PDF file
  • Adobe PDF presets
  • Customizing PDF presets
  • PDF presets locations
  • Exporting PDF presets
  • Importing PDF presets
  • General options for Adobe PDF files
  • Compression options for Adobe PDF files
  • Marks and bleed options for Adobe PDF files
  • Colour management and PDF/X options for Adobe PDF files
  • Font and flattening options for PDF files
  • Security options for PDF files
  • Exporting artwork to other formats
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 12 Printing from Illustrator

  • Topic Objectives
  • Printing an Illustrator file
  • Print dialogue box options
  • Print presets
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review 


  • Appendix A - Colour Management in
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3
  • Appendix B - Adobe Bridge
  • Appendix C - Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Appendix D - Index

Classroom courses include

  • Adobe Certified instructors (with min 10 yrs experience)
  • Alpha prepared comprehensive coursenotes with tutorials and exercises (updated frequently to reflect industry trends)
  • Certificates
  • eLearning DVD Package (FREE at course registration where available, see our SPECIALS)
  • After course support, unlimited HELP DESK (via email, to reinforce the learning),
  • Training guarantee
  • FREE repeat of public course within 6 months (where required, and on same version), see terms & conditions

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