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Delivery Method

  • Classroom
  • Price: $445.00

Course Overview

This one day course is designed for those people who have completed the 2 Day Illustrator Essentials or who are self taught and wish to explore this medium further.

Reference material included as course notes.

“Courses can be attended, using either a Windows or Macintosh computer.

After the Course

  • 6 months free refresher attendance
  • 12 months telephone/ email support
  • Visual Quickstart Guide Reference Book provided for all Essentials courses as after course reference material.”

Course Content

Students will learn how to create special effects with images, type and logos, work with Transparency and ‘live’ effects to generate artwork that can be used in print based and screen based media. ie special effect graphics for Web designs, Multimedia presentations or for any print based application.

The one day class is ideal for those who have completed the Essentials class or for those who have a strong knowledge of Illustrator CS, or later such as drawing, creating and manipulating shapes, working with text, understanding how paths and anchor points work, masks, blending, basic filters and so on. These functions will then be built upon, to generate these special effects.

Special Effects

Emphasis is on understanding the process and how to use a combination of functions to generate the effect. Worksheets are provided for all of the exercises so you will have the process to take away with you. The following is a brief description of the types of effects that will be covered:

  • How to create an Embossed effect within a vector program — by applying live effects to a logo/type.
  • Recreating a scan into a realistic ‘artistic’ hand drawn sketch.
  • Creating text effects, from simple manipulation like perspective, through to more complex effects like creating shadows or surface textures, creating 3D extrudes
  • Exploring Symbols as a way of drawing a poster that has repeated artwork.
  • Turn a flat web page design into a web ready file that includes slicing and links to internal pages, external sites and email.
  • Combine two or more images or vector illustrations together with a soft edge.

Functions used

The emphasis will be on exploring various approaches to creating special effects and many of the special features of the program will be used. Such as the use of Layers, Opacity Masks, Blending, Transparency and Appearances, Flash SWF, 3D Extrude. Manipulating editable and non-editable type. Using custom Brush Stroke Libraries and Path brushes. Using keyboard shortcuts to simplify processes and applying several key filters — Distortion Vector based filters, as well as using Adobe Photoshop filters on vector artwork etc.


Standard Cost: $445

Further discounts apply for multiple bookings


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