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About Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a program that allows transformation and manipulation of graphics and type, and gives you more control over the creation of artwork. It is ideal for advertisements, logos and posters. Images can be imported and modified in Illustrator as well as allowing the user to create designs optimised for screen based media, ie Internet and Multimedia. A very powerful tool for creating traditional and special effects with type and graphics that can be manipulated with ease. 

Course Content

Adobe Illustrator is a vector drawing/ manipulation program. If you need to draw, recreate logos and graphics, create special effects, manipulate type or  do charts and graphics, then this program is for you.

During the Essentials level course students follow examples and complete exercises to explore Illustrator’s most essential features, features that you will most likely be required to know in the industry. 

“Courses can be attended, using either a Windows or Macintosh computer.

After the Course

  • 6 months free refresher attendance
  • 12 months telephone/ email support
  • Visual Quickstart Guide Reference Book provided for all Essentials courses as after course reference material


Students must have a strong working knowledge of either Macintosh or Windows and preferably other layout program experience ie InDesign or QuarkXPress.

Who Should Attend

Graphic Designers: Illustrator gives you the tools to electronically produce artwork and have creative control over type and illustration. Graphics that can then be used for print or for the web.

DTP/Computer Operators: If your required to reproduce logos, graphics, text, forms etc that have already been designed and need only to be in electronic form, Illustrator has precision drawing tools and features that quickly give the user control.

Please note: Illustrator is not a page layout program. The following is covered in the Essential level course.


Editing and manipulating existing artwork. Topics covered include: Selecting with all of the Selection tools and Menu/ Layer features. Transforming with the 5 tools, as well as the Transform Palette and specific Menu commands. Applying/ editing colour: CMYK, RGB, Spot, Web Safe, Global/ Non Global by using the Color / Swatches and Swatch Library features. Gradients and Patterns: working with existing via the Swatches palette and making your own. Exporting artwork for print or to the Web.

Creating Artwork

Topics covered include: setting up a New Document: Page size, CMYK, RGB, printable area, tiling. Drawing: basic shapes such as circles, rectangles, stars, polygons, spirals—and manipulating into more complex with Pathfinder and other features. Manipulating Anchor Points & Adjusting Points or Segments. Also freehand drawing with the Pencil and Brush tools. Complex use of Transforming and Patterns. Complex drawing using the Pen tool with templates and importing scans to trace over. Autotracing functions.

Other Features

Exploring Compound Paths to create transparent areas. Working with Type: formatting, attaching text to a Path, placing inside a Path and Creating Outlines. Blending and Gradient Meshes for complex morphing and airbrush effects. Masking: scan inside text or several objects inside one.

Throughout the two days, as each topic is explored all of Adobe Illustrator’s essential features will be used.


Standard Cost: $795

City Desktop Training Price: $785

Further discounts apply for multiple bookings


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