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Course Overview

The Flash Level 2 course is a comprehensive course that builds on the skills introduced in the Flash Level 1 course. Clients will learn to use more complex animation techniques, masking and special effects in their Flash applications. The course introduces people who have no programming experience to ActionScript, Flash’s scripting language. ActionScript gives you the power to create more sophisticated interactivity, animation, event-handling and decision-making in Flash.




2 days (9am - 4.30pm)


  • Public Schedule - Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney
  • Group Bookings - All States and Territories across Australia


The prerequisites for this course is that you have completed the Flash Level 1 course, or have equivalent knowledge.

Course Outline 

Topic 1 Topic 1 More Animation Techniques

  • Topic Objectives
  • About frame-by-frame animation
  • Creating frame-by-frame animations
  • Editing frames and keyframes in the Timeline
  • Onion skinning
  • Moving an entire animation
  • Distributing objects to layers for tweened animation
  • Applying custom ease in/ease out to motion tweens
  • Controlling shape changes with shape hints
  • Copying and pasting a motion tween
  • Paste motion tween properties
  • Copying motion as ActionScript
  • About Timeline effects
  • Adding a Timeline effect
  • Timeline effect settings
  • Editing a Timeline effect
  • Deleting a Timeline effect
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 2 Advanced Motion and Masking Techniques

  • Topic Objectives
  • Creating seamless animation
  • Creating a blur-to-focus effect
  • Creating a motion blur effect
  • Animated and Complex Masking Effects
  • Creating a Spotlight Effect
  • Creating a Soft-edged Mask
  • Creating Multiple Animated Masks
  • Creating a Cinematic Effect
  • Creating an Offset Image Ripple Effect
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 3 Filters and Effects

  • Topic Objectives
  • Filter overview
  • About animating filters
  • Applying filters
  • Creating preset filter libraries
  • Applying a drop shadow
  • Applying a skewed drop shadow
  • Applying a blur
  • Applying a glow
  • Applying a bevel
  • Applying a gradient glow
  • Applying a gradient bevel
  • Applying the Adjust Color filter
  • Blend modes in Flash
  • Applying a blend mode
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 4 Working with Screens

  • Topic Objectives
  • About the screen authoring environment
  • Slide presentations and form applications
  • Document structure and hierarchy
  • Adding screens to a document
  • Using the Screen Outline pane
  • Viewing the context menu for a screen
  • Using timelines with screens
  • Selecting, moving, and editing screens
  • About screen names
  • Setting properties and parameters for a screen
  • Setting parameters for a screen
  • Creating controls and transitions for screens with behaviours
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 5 Working with Flash projects

  • Topic Objectives
  • About projects
  • Creating and managing Flash projects
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 6 Introduction to ActionScript

  • Topic Objectives
  • About ActionScript
  • What computer programs do
  • Variables
  • Properties
  • Methods
  • Functions
  • Events and Event Handlers
  • Instances
  • Conditional Statements
  • Classes
  • The Actions panel
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 7 Controlling Visual Objects with ActionScript

  • Topic Objectives
  • What is a Variable?
  • Naming Variables
  • Declaring variables
  • Data types
  • The Trace function
  • Assigning values to my variables
  • Properties and Instance Names
  • Inputting and Displaying Text
  • Comments
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 8 Using and Writing Functions

  • Topic Objectives
  • What is a Function?
  • Types of functions
  • Where to put ActionScript code
  • Writing Functions
  • The different parts of a function
  • Declaring functions
  • Placing Code Inside a MovieClip Timeline
  • How are methods different from functions?
  • Compound operators
  • Loading External Content
  • Loading something into an empty MovieClip
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 9 Understanding and Handling Events

  • Topic Objectives
  • What is an Event?
  • Creating an event listener to listen for mouse clicks
  • Creating an event handler
  • Responding to mouse events
  • Responding to keyboard events
  • Creating a link to a website
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Topic 10 Making Decisions using Conditional Statements

  • Topic Objectives
  • About Conditional Statements
  • Writing a simple conditional statement
  • Conditional operators
  • Checking for Multiple Conditions
  • Compound Conditional Statements
  • Topic Summary
  • Topic Review

Classroom courses include

  • Adobe Certified instructors (with min 10 yrs experience)
  • Alpha prepared comprehensive coursenotes with tutorials and exercises (updated frequently to reflect industry trends)
  • Certificates
  • eLearning DVD Package (FREE at course registration where available,
  • see our SPECIALS)
  • After course support, unlimited HELP DESK (via email, to reinforce the learning)
  • Training guarantee
  • FREE repeat of public course within 6 months (where required, and on
  • same version), see terms & conditions



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