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Element K delivers Learning Solutions
that combine our core assets — catalog
e-Learning, platform, courseware, custom
content, system integration and services

Microsoft desktop application training – spreadsheets, word processing, presentations,
mail tools, and more
Element K® offers a comprehensive library of online courses and reference materials for the entire enterprise. Business
professionals and support personnel will benefit from the Microsoft desktop applications training that is featured in this
collection. The library is optimal for large organizations with diverse job functions that might have multiple applications,
mail tools, and OS versions being utilized simultaneously. Purchasing is simplified by providing broad course access to
all applications and versions at a competitive price, so mapping training programs to the needs of individuals is not
required at the time of purchase. Ideal for application rollouts, individual career development, cross-training, and
“Just-in-Time” problem solving for any PC user.
Derive more value from computer
investments with improved productivity
More and more, today’s office professionals rely on
computers and associated software to complete their
tasks in a professional and timely way. Whether it’s the
finance administrator developing budgets, the operations
manager documenting procedures, or the field sales
representative e-mailing a proposal to a new prospect,
PCs and applications are now fundamental to the way
businesses is conducted. That is why Element K has
assembled a comprehensive collection of online training
materials – self-study courses, books, and collaboration
components – to support all of these workers with a
single, searchable resource. This library covers six
relevant categories:
• Microsoft Excel Used to organize, manipulate, graph,
and display data, spreadsheet applications have
become pervasive in all business functions with
analytical responsibilities.
• Microsoft Word Perhaps the most common desktop
applications today, word processing programs are utilized
by virtually all PC users to author or edit documents such
as corporate and HR policies, operational procedures,
sales proposals and marketing briefs, as well as both
internal and external communications.
• Microsoft Powerpoint Developing presentations
and publishing internal or customer communications
like newsletters is becoming an expectation for
professionals in all departments.
• Microsoft Access Many professionals organize
and track significant quantities of data such as
product information, business transactions, and
customer profiles.
• Microsoft Outlook Recent increases in business
productivity are due in part to the improved
information sharing afforded by electronic
communications tools such as e-mail.
• Microsoft FrontPage Creating and hosting web pages
is a proactive way to participate on the Internet.
More applications and more versions
mean more thorough support
The library is both broad and deep in its content – not
only because it spans all of the Microsoft Office Suite
applications – but also through the inclusion of legacy
versions as well as the latest releases. So training and
support are available for the PC as it exists today – and
when an upgrade is imminent – materials to support the
new configuration are included and ready to be accessed.
What if different groups or departments are running
different versions? No problem. This library makes all
courses available to all users so each person can access
exactly what they need when they need it.
Worldwide certification support
The Element K Office Pack Library fully
supports the training objectives for the
Microsoft Official Specialist Program
(specifically with the Office 2003 course
suite), and has attained the MOS stamp
of approval.
Reference tools and support
Element K’s integration of online
reference tools with courses, including
a custom collection of the most
relevant books on technology topics,
is unmatched in the industry. Popular
courses are available in a collaborative
format with access to an instructor, in
addition to the convenient and highly
regarded self-study format. And topical
“discussions” happen virtually through
Element K KnowledgeShare threaded
message boards, designed to give
students a place to get peer feedback
and assistance.
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