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Course overview

Adobe Acrobat allows PDF files to be created from any source document: MS Office applications, InDesign, Pagemaker, Access, Internet Explorer - in fact, any application that you can print from. While this is not a complex process, all PDF files are not created equal and there is much to learn about building the right PDF file for the job at hand. In print, for example, correct image resolution and font embedding is imperative to achieving a good result; on the Web, PDFs need to be optimised for fast download.

This course will take the mystery out of Acrobat and help you create the right PDF for your working environment every time.

Assumed knowledge

We will assume little or no prior knowledge of Acrobat in this course but you should have a basic working knowledge of either the Windows or Mac interface as well as exposure to either Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Ideal for beginner

What you will learn

The course begins with an introduction to the concept of PostScript and PDF before taking students through the process of making PDF files from a variety of source documents and optimising them for the task at hand: for print or web or distribution to others by email etc.

We'll then look at the Acrobat workspace in some detail, examining the many navigation, searching and sorting features the application has to offer before creating PDFs from within Acrobat itself from image files, text files, web pages and even emails. This will include an exercise in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), converting a scanned document to editable PDF text.

Creating PDFs directly from MS Office applications is the most common hurdle most people face in general office environments so time will be spent using the PDF Maker plug-in from Word, Excel and PowerPoint source documents, including mapping styles and headings to bookmarks, working with security, and converting Word footnotes and review comments to PDF notes.

We'll then move on to more advanced features by editing PDFs within Acrobat including linking, using bookmarks, using pages (thumbnails), cropping, extracting, editing images and much more.

Finally, we'll look at annotations such as notes, review markup, free text, freehand drawing and stamp creation, as well as the powerful send-for-review features introduced in more recent versions of the program.

Delivery method



  • Individual bookings: Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney
  • Group bookings: Nationwide (POA)


1 day (9am-4pm)


Understanding Acrobat and PDF
What is a PDF file?
Understanding PostScript
Acrobat vs. Reader vs. Distiller

Creating Adobe PDF Files
Using an application?s Print command
Changing the Acrobat job options
Understanding and comparing compression
Creating PDFs from text
Creating PDFs from graphics
Creating PDFs from web pages and email

Examing PDF Properties
Using the Properties dialogue
Establishing file size
All about fonts and embedding

Using PDFMaker
Using the PDFMaker 'Magic Button' in MS Office
Creating bookmarks with PDFMaker
Converting links and other Word features
Display options
Setting security levels

Getting to Know the Work Area
Using the Acrobat tools
Customizing the toolbars
Using Acrobat palettes
Navigating and zooming techniques
Understanding views

Working with Bookmarks, Links, Destinations
Creating bookmarks
Moving and editing bookmarks
Linking to other documents
Creating destinations
Adding an opening page

Using page thumbnails
Inserting, extracting and deleting pages
Re-organising documents with thumbnails
Cropping documents
Re-numbering pages

Creating Online Documents
Looking at online document design
Setting an opening view
Linking with the form tool
Creating and editing articles
Adding multimedia elements
Editing and Saving PDF
Touching up text in a PDF files
Copying and moving images
Extracting images
Copying text from a PDF file
Copying tables from a PDF
Saving PDF files to text
Saving PDF files to Word
Saving PDF files to JPG

Annotations and comments
Understanding annotations
Creating comments and markup
Adding graphics, lines, circles and highlights
Creating and adding stamps
Attaching files
Using the Comments palette

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Here's what you get on a Fearless course

Course Materials

We typically supply detailed course notes or a reference text or in some cases both. Either way, we try to provide sufficient supporting material so that you can return to your work place with sufficient confidence to permit further learning.


We like to look after our customers with:
  • Quality catering from local cafes
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We also accommodate special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten intolerance etc.


There's nothing worse than leaving a course and feeling left on your own. We like to ensure our customers have all the support and backup they need including:
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